Test this

I am moved to tears by music, joy by smallest and simplest things. That student who once moved throughout the day, unsmiling with his eyes down, who now sees me from the far, far end of the hall and approaches the whole way-arm up, looking right at me, smiling and hand extended to share that enthusiastic handshake I once had to convince him to do; the song I hear coming from the backroom where the kids have gathered-not to dish on boys or drama, but to choreograph dances and belt out show tunes…One thing I know for sure: there is no test that measures the value these people or any person adds or brings to another or to this world- not in any way you can put into a spreadsheet or use to pass judgement. But you can definitely feel it, and you can be part of making that happen, and if you are lucky you get both. Those who focus too much on data lose sight of the people, and if you allow it for too long-you lose time and people.


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