De-evolution in the debate

I enjoyed this read, and the black-out eyes graphics are getting sweet…tinged with indignant adolescence. I saw it before and thought Mother Jones…National Lampoon, maybe?

Nah, Mother Jones is right.

Anyways, witnessing the de-evolution from honest debate to emotionally tinged propaganda would be more fun if public education wasn’t the target. Also if the posit that serving schools up to the same market forces dividing/destroying us wasn’t the primary strategy.

But it is, and it is as well-on both the former and the latter.

My response left to this article by Pete Cook, who (according to his bio) consults and writes to meet the needs of low income students:

Oh my god, I love this stuff. Who started the eye blackout thing? It just started like a month ago, and some might say you guys overuse it but I say it adds a sweet layer of Bat-Boy type legitimacy (ala’ the Weekly World News) that goes far beyond even the decades of classroom experience that comes through in this writing. Far more effective and definitely targets and wins a certain type of reader, reflects a deep level of care and understanding about the struggling America teachers are trying to serve. Like when Maury switched from issues to paternity testing. Smart move, and I told him so. He showed his audience he really cares.


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