C’mon…how much “chance” do I give?

There’s a difference between respecting the president and “giving him a chance”, and respecting the office of the presidency. The office is vital, serving as Executive Branch of the three branches of our government. Respecting the person holding that office is a different matter. You aren’t obligated to respect someone who hasn’t earned it and you aren’t demeaning the office by questioning or criticizing  the person seeking or holding it-if the criticism is deserved. It’s patriotic to be aware and involved enough to point out how we might be doing better.

That said, I’m glad that Hillary Clinton didn’t skate into office on entitlement, recognition, and media bias. But it’s fair to say she has earned more respect than Donald Trump-a man who has likened his military academy attendance to military service, while at the same time demeaning the actual service and POW experience of John McCain; described his use of bankruptcy to avoid tax obligations as “genius”… Watching him desperately shove his way to the front of NATO Summit leaders to lift his chin high and pose for cameras was all you needed to see of a man desperate to be a leader, not just play one on TV.

An admitted serial groper and dirty old man willing to walk in on teenage pageant contestants getting dressed, along with numerous body-shaming and lecherous appearance comments he has readily made about women (including his own daughter) indicate a tendency to objectify women. My daughters deserve a better president.


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