A Letter to the Senate

Below is a letter I just wrote regarding potential Secretary of Education Betsy Devos.

You can write one too by clicking here.


I am ditching the pre-written canned response to write this instead.

The suggestion that Betsy Devos should be elevated to a national-level leader of education is evidence that there is either willingness to double-down on insanity, or a complete lack of awareness regarding the true stakeholders and  “boots-on-the-ground” when it comes to public education and what is needed. The privately-managed free market is not the solution to everything, and the word “choices” is not some magic spell that makes our already ignored social and moral obligations disappear. Obama and Duncan were merely elitist, disrespectful and damaging, but Devos is in the same vein as Trump and Bannon-risking the kind of destruction that only the ignorance of wealth, ego and self-entitlement brings to everyone beneath. In this case we’re talking about children who we are obligated to serve and whose needs we are obligated to meet. Offering up “choices”, segregating children based on how efficiently they can prop up the reputation of selective charter schools, and continuing to ignore the most needy and our under-supported traditional schools serving any who come…

This is not the path forward or upward, and Betsy Devos is no champion of that path.


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