This Year’s Holiday Homework





Stay in pajamas later than you usually would. What time was it when you finally put on your REAL clothes?

_______  _______ : _______ ______



Go outside and pick something SAFE to throw snowballs at. Take 20 paces away from it, make and throw ten snowballs at it. Complete short-write #1 on the back.


Help either do the dishes, or fold laundry.




Straighten up your bedroom.  Make your bed and pick things up off the floor.


Play a game with a family member.  Tell what game it was and how it went on back. #2


Sing a song for someone. For bonus holiday points, sing with a family member. For SUPER bonus holiday points, sing in the canned goods aisle of a grocery store. Write about where it was, the song and how it went. #3




Do something outside for 30 minutes or more.  Dress for the weather and have fun.  Write about what you did. #4


Do something nice for someone else. Write about what you did and who you did it for on the back. #5


Go one whole day without video games. What did you do instead?

Write it here:


1) Write a sentence about what you threw snowballs at and how well you did at hitting your target. Happy-math bonus points for giving your stats as a fraction. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

2) Write about the game you played, who you played with, and who won. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

3) Write about where you sang, what you sang, and how it went. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

4) What did you go outside and do for fun? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

5) What did you do for someone else? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Enjoy your break from school by connecting with others, practicing how to help out at home, and having some fun!


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