I endorse my children

In the upcoming election, I endorse my children. They are who I support, along with the rest of their generation. My concern is: What do I say to them? What is already being said to them when top billing belongs to two of the most undesirable candidates ever? On one hand is a suspicious, difficult to like, habitually evasive, entitled and dishonest candidate that has been accused of horrible things.

On the other hand is Donald Trump.

I have three daughters. While my 17 year old wanted a fake I.D. for voting purposes (I trust that was the reason and if you know her you’d believe it), I figured that wasn’t the responsible path forward. She is likely to be an active participant, my 15 year old will be of legal voting age by the next election, and my youngest, 10 years old now, wrote a letter of gentle reprimand to Mr. Trump last year-regarding the way he talks about others and his language in general-so I predict she will end up being a lot like her sisters and have a very reasoned and thoughtful approach when it comes to her right to vote-assuming we still have that right by then.

So what do I say? I say to my children, and anyone willing:  stay informed, stay involved and do not be deterred by two deplorable options, a media complicit in political theater and distraction while failing in really informing the public. So with them in mind and with their generation in mind I will be voting.  Everyone who can vote should, regardless of who it is for. Record turnouts will get attention and make accountability and responsiveness more likely out of respect for the number of willing and active voters.


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