A cut and past of my “Holiday Homework”

Holiday Homework!

Enjoy the holiday break with the one thing every student wants…some extra work! Have parents initial in the box next to each one you complete.  You do not have to do these, but those who can complete them all will be entered into a prize drawingafter we come back to school.





Help with a meal.Either setting the table, cooking, or cleaning up. Write what you did in entry space #1.




Stay in pajamas later than you usually would. What time was it when you finally put on your REAL clothes?

_______  _______ : _______ ______



Ask mom or dad if you can help with an easy chore. What did you do? Write just a few words here.




Straighten up your bedroom.  Make your bed and pick things up off the floor.




Play a card game or a board game with a family member.  Tell what game it was and how it went in entry space #2.




Write your favorite thing you’ve learned in school so far this year, after you tell mom or dad about it. Use entry space #3




Do something outside for 30 minutes or more.  Dress for the weather and have fun.  Write about what you did on entry space #4.




Eat some kind of vegetable-any kind.  Cooked, raw, steamed, chopped… write what it was here.




Eat some kind of dessert-any kind.  Baked, frozen, bought, homemade…write what it was here.




Sing a song for someone. For bonus holiday points, sing with a family member. For SUPER bonus holiday points, sing in the canned goods aisle of a grocery store. Write about who you sang for, where it was, and what song you sung in entry space #5.





Entry spaces. Write at least two CCRF sentences for each.

1) How I helped with a meal   __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

2)Play a game with a family member  __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

3) My favorite thing to learn about so far    __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

4) 30 minutes outside  __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

5) Sing a song! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


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