The Dangers of Parents “Opting out.”

We do not “opt our children out” of state tests.

Our children refuse, and we support them.

They perform very well in school, and likely would perform well on state tests-and have done so in the past.

For their ages, they are very astute, mature, independent thinkers and engage in thoughtful conversations and in outside-of-school endeavors beyond their years, both civic and academic. They are also a little twisted and quite fun to be around. To say we are proud would be an incredible understatement.

But opting out is dangerous, and technically doesn’t exist as an option in NY (while a refusal code exists for record-keeping purposes). It sounds like a choice to sit out on the real issues, and if the underwhelming quality of character in the race for president (short of one candidate from each side) isn’t enough of a wake-up call to get involved and fight for accountability in areas where our nation is truly failing, I don’t know what is.

Refuse, on the other hand, sends a statement. What is being done to children, schools, families and communities is wrong-and it isn’t being done by teachers.

And tests will not fix it. That thinking is beyond wrong, so you shouldn’t expect full cooperation.

To “opt out” would just be a step-back/step aside- allowing what you know is wrong to continue with the weak hope it will just go away-like a bully in the cafeteria, circling around just looking for a tray to flip and a lunch to ruin. Opt out is complacency, and that’s a danger.

Refuse tells it like it is.


2 thoughts on “The Dangers of Parents “Opting out.”

  1. This is a unique, and yet very intense turnaround of what the opt out movement might be. I watched for years as test-score reforms invaded the low income schools where I worked and not only abused the kids but their teachers — and the kids would, of their own volition, do so many amazing things in resistant reaction. Kids are so often smarter than the whole crazy mess!

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