The legend of King.

A concise, accurate, and non-inflammatory letter opposing the nomination of John King for the position of Secretary of Education was written by the Patchogue-Medford Union Free School District.

I think it’s important to consider the facts and opinions from (and coming from) every angle, and especially when it comes from the public education angle-if we are talking about education policy. Within the last two weeks, the legend of King has begun to be spun by the wide-web of school privatization/pro “choice” reformers for whom King is an ally with experience in the charter school business. It feels like a page was stolen from the script of that movie  “The Natural” and King himself is some against-all odds, uber-talented lifelong educator with a magical education bat in his hands.

Communicate with people who have sat in meetings with him and ask about his response to critiques  regarding his more exclusive school experiences (and the ones he chooses for his children): it is suddenly about his children being “attacked”.

Ask why parents, students and professionals who know better are called “special interests” as if it is an insult, but policy being promoted and sold through the private investment-to public policy process is given a silent “pass”.

I would not wish the loss of both parents on any 12 year old, or dismiss the emotional impact that it might have, but ask why the blogo-twittosphere has lit up with the legend of King: a boy born into a well educated household, blessed with incredible educational opportunities who chose charter school leadership and policy, and who against all odds made connections with school reform leaders and got an opportunity to do their bidding at the national level.

It should be a movie.


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