A response to those worried about accountability

The Advocate seems worried that accountability will be less pointed and driven-mostly because those unions got involved, I guess. You know unions, those organizations that advocate for workers. Anyway, here is a link to their article and my response (below and on their site)

It could be that what happened to the Broad consensus on accountability was that people began to realize it was market-driven as opposed to a well thought out and honestly researched effort towards equity (in opportunity and outcomes). Tests and reams of data don’t mend market-broken homes and families, hire overworked or unemployed parents at a wage that supports a family, or fill the bookshelves and bellies of the children that most often raise our concerns regarding inequitable outcomes. Since when did the loudest voices in reform of anything push for simply measure-and-blame? Since there was lots of money to be made on quantifying the damage done and using power and influence to place blame elsewhere. Imagine if all we were willing to spend money on was thermometers, sphygmometers, and stethoscopes …but we wanted to blame and fire doctors for the failing health of patients. Simplistic? Think about who runs this country and how: big pharma hawks prescription meds for everything from high cholesterol to “restless legs” to limp…well, you know. Yet, where is the investment in prevention? WalMarts, greasy fast food and online ed, ya’ll. It’s cheap, great for the market, and we already know where tomorrow’s leaders will come from. Their children will own those things you buy. They must have had highly effective teachers.



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