A better way

There is a better way: collective action at the voting booth that

1) removes big money and market motive from public obligations and

2) demands policy that will reduce disparity and build a more supportive economic/social/moral fabric that sends more once-struggling students to school ready to learn.

Or we could just look down shamefully because we’re afraid of that battle, shuffle our feet a little and think of more ways to blame teachers for the state of our nation and what’s being done to it’s people by supposed “leaders” and by political and economic theater.

Yeah…tests are easier to make and data is easier to respect than people are. Plus, campaign donors profit, make more donations, and a governor gets a maybe shot at higher office!

Win-win, I guess. Except for kids. They still lose, but hey-they cost too much anyways and do you know how many of them there are? Gawd!


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